McPike Park
201 S. Ingersoll St.
Madison, WI 53703
Contact: Robin – 608-217-5941

Friday - 12-5pm

Breweries can drop off their product on Friday from noon to 5pm. We will have a reefer truck to store your products overnight.

Saturday - 9-11am

Breweries, Restaurants & Exhibitors can move in from 9-11 am. Breweries and exhibitors must be completely setup by 11:45am. Restaurants must be completely setup & ready to serve by 1pm.

Breweries will pull up to the sidewalk in front of the festival (do not block the gate) and unload their stuff, then go park (plenty of street parking). We will have 4 golf carts that will take your products to their location.

Restaurants and exhibitors will drive in through the Entrance Gate and drive around the park to their location. We will have volunteers to show you where to setup. Food trucks can stay in the park but all other vehicles must be parked on the street per City Ordinance.


  1.  Restaurants need to be parked by noon and ready to serve by 1pm. The exit gate is locked until 5:10, you can exit the festival at that time.
  2. Breweries will serve from noon to 5:45. No beer will be served after 5:45. You can begin loading-out at 6pm. We will have golf carts to assist you.
  3. Breweries will receive 8 Ice Cards. Each card can be turned in at the Ryder Reefer Truck for 1, 20# bag of ice. We will also have volunteers bringing ice, via golf carts, as permitted.
  4. All booths must be cleaned up at the end of the festival or a $50 cleanup fee will be deducted from your stipend.
  5. Unopened bottles, cans or crowlers, of alcohol, must be left behind and cannot leave the grounds.
  6. You are not allowed to give cans, bottles or crowlers, of alcohol, to festival goers.
  7. You cannot smoke in your booth or withing 50′ of it.
  8. All vendors will receive a sampling glass if they would like to sample drinks. Do not come to the front gate and take glasses, a volunteer will drive around and drop them off at your booth once you are setup.
  10. You may bring your dog with you as long as they are well-socialized, have updated tags and remain on a leash no longer than 3′. You must cleanup and dispose of any waste.